View the Cost of Slow Applications to your Company (Productivity)

The Productivity dashboard highlights the hidden costs of a slow application, by calculating the total time spent by all users waiting for an application to respond, and translating this to the financial loss in dollars. Use this as a financial justification to change an application or change something in the infrastructure of a location in your organization. SteelCentral Aternity™ is uniquely positioned to gather this information, because of its direct presence on your organization's devices bringing the true end user perspective.

The Productivity dashboard

To calculate the cost of an activity, you must enter the average hourly cost of an employee. The system already knows the number of end users performing each activity, and the time they spent waiting for the application to respond. So the total cost of an activity is the average response time of an activity (converted from seconds to hours) multiplied by the number of times this activity was performed, multiplied by the cost per hour.

Calculate cost of an activity to your organization


  1. Step 1 Open a browser and log in to Aternity.
  2. Step 2 Access the dashboard by typing its name in the search box in the top bar.

    Alternatively, access this dashboard in one of the following ways:

    • Select Main Menu > Monitor > User or Device and by drill down from the Applications section.

    • Select Main Menu > Monitor > My Enterprise and by drill down from the Applications section.

  3. Step 3 Enter the average cost per hour for the company as people wait for an application to respond in $ per Hour at the top of the screen.

    To calculate the total costs more accurately, if the average costs vary significantly across your organization, you can select a single department (in the Departments section) or location (Locations section) and enter its average cost.

  4. Step 4 To view the cost of each activity view the Activities section of the dashboard.
    List of costs of each activity to your organization

    The list of activities is sorted by the most costly activity within the most costly application, so the highest costs are at the top of the list.


    This list omits activities whose costs are below the amount defined in the Ignore Less field at the top of the screen. To display all costs, set that field to zero.

    Field Description

    Displays the name of the monitored application.


    Displays the name of the monitored activity within the application.


    The average response time for this activity across the organization.


    The number of activities reported to the system from devices across the organization.

    Lost Hours

    The Response (converted to hours) for an activity multiplied by the Volume for that activity.

    Lost Productivity

    The total cost of this activity to the company, displayed as a horizontal bar. It is calculated as the Lost Hours multiplied by the $ per hour field at the top of the screen.

  5. Step 5 To troubleshoot further on an activity which causes you to lose money, hover your mouse pointer over the horizontal bar in the Activities section, and drill down to the following dashboards:
    Drill down to receive detailed information
    • Device Type Comparison: Use the Device Type Comparison dashboard to compare the performance of an application in different types of environments.

    • SLA: You can view if an application breaks your external (officially committed) SLA thresholds, or show the compliance with your stricter internal (early warning) SLA thresholds, to indicate if you are close to breaking your official SLA commitments.

    • Troubleshoot Activity: The Troubleshoot Activity dashboard displays the recent trend of an activity's response time, and allows you to correlate performance with any of the multitude of attributes available.

  6. Step 6 To view the cost of slow applications per department, location or server, view the section in the top right side of the screen, and select your criterion from the drop-down menu.
    List of costs of all activities for each department or other criteria
    Field Description

    Displays the total lost hours and cost per department for people who are logged in to a device which belongs to a particular department (as defined in the LDAP).

    Business Locations

    Displays the total lost hours and cost per business location as defined in Aternity.

    Device Types

    Displays the total lost hours and cost per type of device.


    Displays the total lost hours and cost per server.

    Country / State / City

    Displays the total lost hours and cost according to the location where the activity was performed.

    You can select a single department to isolate only that data, and view the cost of each activity for that segment only in the Activities section.

  7. Step 7 You can also view the same information chosen above as a heat map, where the size of each category is proportional to its relative expense, and the most costly category covers the largest area.

    This is displayed in the lower right hand side of the screen.

    Map of expenses per category
  8. Step 8 You can limit the display to a single application, a single location or a single timeframe by changing the values in the top bar of the dashboard.
    Changing the scope and details of the Productivity dashboard
    Field Description

    Choose the start time of the data displayed in this dashboard.

    You can access data in this dashboard (retention) going back up to 365 days. This dashboard's data refreshes every day at 4:25 am and 7:25 am.


    Limits the display of the dashboard to one or more specific locations.


    Limits the display of the dashboard to one or more specific applications.


    Limits the display of the dashboard to one or more specific activities.

    $ per Hour

    Enter the average cost of employees per hour. The system uses this rate to convert the total response times to financial cost.

    Ignore Less

    Enter the minimum cost of an activity to be displayed in this dashboard. Any activity whose Lost Productivity (horizontal bar) amounts to less than this value is not displayed in the dashboard.