Save and Share a Dashboard for Later Online Viewing (Add to My Dashboards)

You can save and share a customized dashboard, to revisit it any time in the My Dashboards menu.

To save and share, you first view a dashboard, then customize it, then save it.

Subscribe and share a dashboard

When you re-open a saved dashboard, it displays the latest data with the menus and sections which you set at the time of saving, and also includes any highlighted items which limit the display to those items only.

For example, if you have the ideal timeframe and set of sections in your SLA dashboard, you can save and share this view with others.


  1. Step 1 Open a browser and log in to Aternity.
  2. Step 2 Navigate to the dashboard you want to save.

    Use the search box in the top bar to quickly start monitoring a device hostname, username or application, or enter the name of a dashboard.

  3. Step 3 Set the view of the dashboard as you want it saved.
    A saved dashboard preserves the view settings: top menu selections and section displays
  4. Step 4 To save a dashboard, select Save in the top bar of some dashboards.

    A link to a saved dashboard opens it with the same view settings when you saved it (menu selections at the top of the dashboard, or choosing to view a section name). It does NOT freeze the data itself within the dashboard, just the view settings.

    Save a dashboard's view settings
    Field Description

    Enter a unique name, up to 22 characters long. It can also include spaces.


    Select this if you are the only user who can access this saved dashboard.


    Select this if you want other users in your organization to access this saved dashboard.

  5. Step 5 To access a dashboard which you saved, select Main Menu > My Dashboards.
    Access a saved dashboard

    Alternatively, to view dashboards saved by others, select select Main Menu > Shared With Me.

  6. Step 6 To rename a saved dashboard, or change its visibility to other users, select Edit Properties.
    Edit the properties of a saved dashboard
  7. Step 7 To remove a saved dashboard, in the My Dashboards menu item, select Delete.