Keep or Exclude Data in a Dashboard or Save as CSV

To modify the view in a dashboard's section or to save the data behind the values displayed, use the Keep only, Exclude or View Data options displayed in any tooltip. The system displays a tooltip when you hover your mouse over a dashboard measurement.

View the options in the tooltip window


  1. Step 1 To exclude the fields which prevent you from properly visualizing all the fields in a dashboard's section, select Exclude.

    For example, in the screenshot below, Open Item is extremely long compared to the other activities and prevents you from seeing the other activities measurements in detail. To change the scale, remove this item by hovering over its measurement and selecting Exclude in the tooltip.

    Adjust the display scale by using Exclude in the Tooltip

    Excluding an item temporarily removes it only from that section in the dashboard.

  2. Step 2 To view only specific fields in a dashboard, select Keep only.

    For example, to view only the desktops and laptops which have 1GB or 2GB in the Device Inventory dashboard, hover over that element and select Keep only. You can select several components, holding down the Ctrl key, then select Keep only.

    Limit the display in your dashboard to the wanted information
  3. Step 3 To save a CSV file of the underlying data for a selected measurement as a csv file for your own archive, select View Data.

    You can view a summary of the data in the Summary tab, or view the complete set of raw or aggregated data, plus additional internal calculations by selecting Full data tab.

    View the summary of the information displayed in the selected row, in the Summary tab

    To save a CSV file of the displayed data, select Download all rows as a text file.

    View the detailed information concerning the selected row in the Full data tab