View Collaboration Tools Data Collected by Aternity

Aternity monitors the performance of applications and devices from the end user perspective, so you can measure and improve the productivity and user experience of your workforce.

The abrupt shift to remote work has changed work patterns and increased the number and usage of collaboration apps like MS Teams, Skype for Business, and others. Ensuring excellent employee experience of the expanding number of collaboration apps is a challenge for IT teams. Aternity helps IT manage usage and performance.

Aternity enables IT to manage collaboration apps just like any other business-critical app. Aternity provides insights into the actual usage of the various collaboration apps in your organization, by geography, department, or device type. It enables IT to proactively identify and resolve user issues, remotely, and non-invasively.
Monitor performance of your organization collaboration tools
Aternity collects the performance data of the top collaboration tools for remote work:
Use Aternity dashboards to analyze the collected data. Customize the advanced dashboard to display any data you need to investigate your own theories on any application's performance: