Introducing Aternity Digital Assistant (Beta)

Aternity Digital Assistant is designed as a communication tool to engage your employees to give feedback. This tool helps IT gain awareness of how users feel about various aspects of the services provided by IT, by collecting the employee opinion on various subjects. Eventually, it will help optimize end user experience. For example, you can easily learn if employees are satisfied with their computers.


This functionality is a beta program and requires the new Agent for End User Devices. Please contact Aternity Beta Team for the details.

After deploying the Agent, the Aternity Digital Assistant appears automatically in the System Tray.

In the administration screen in Aternity, it is recommended to customize the look and feel of the Digital Assistant, to show your company logo, icons, and colors to encourage trust and feedback from your users.
Load your company logo and define the color following your branding

Once sent to user device(s), a red dot appears on the Aternity Digital Assistant icon in the System Tray of that device which you sent the survey to notifying about a new message. When one clicks the icon with a red dot, a survey that you have launched pops out. It includes a company logo and color scheme and a few questions to answer. A person selects the answer and submits the survey.

Placing a tray icon on the end user device may be new for your end users. It is recommended to communicate beforehand and inform them about the survey capability. Below is a draft message that you can use with survey end users:

<Your Department> is rolling out a new app that lets us engage directly and securely with you. 
Periodically, you will see a red circle over the tray icon application shown below, indicating that there is a topic about which <Your Department> wants your opinion.  

We take your feedback seriously and appreciate your participation. Please contact <insert email here> if you have any questions or concerns. 

Thank you! 

<Include an image of your customized tray icon on the bottom of the screen or a video> 

The experience to fill out a survey directly from the desktop, should result in higher response rates. End users will also receive periodic reminders when a survey is live.
User answers the survey and submits

The Aternity Digital Assistant provides a few templates and the capability to create your own surveys. When adding a new survey, you select the type of question and then add the question itself. Answers are automatically generated. It is possible to add up to 9 questions in one survey.

Currently, you can use either 5-scale or 7-scale likert questions when you create your own survey(s). This bipolar scale gives 5 or 7 different options ranging from one extreme to another for the users to choose from. They are best used to understand how your customers feel about your service and tools. Or when you want to know customers’ reactions on the product performance, on a new product features, or else. And when you want to evaluate their answers to get a holistic view of their opinions. In the Likert scale survey, the choice of answers ranges from very dissatisfied to very satisfied making it easy for you to evaluate the overall results.

You can define to whom you want to send the selected survey. Only devices with Agent or above support survey feature capabilities.
Launch a survey

See the answers via the REST API or in the Sentiment Survey dashboard in Aternity.

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