DEM-Q®: Compare Your Company to Others (Benchmark)

Use the Aternity Industry Benchmarks - Digital Experience Management Quadrant (DEM-Q®) dashboard to compare user experience and device health in your organization with other Aternity customers and their monitored devices. This Benchmarks dashboard shows performance trends and the scores of your organization compared to other Aternity customers.

Aternity monitors over 500 customers globally, and millions of end points are reporting to Aternity SaaS platform. The Benchmark feature in this dashboard allows comparing the performance of users’ devices and applications to those of other Aternity customers and understanding the overall status of your IT. Benchmarking considers the geographical region, the industry, and the size of the company.


For those who are just trying Aternity product using the trial account, please continue here.

See the distribution of various Aternity customers according to their device health and application performance
Here are some examples of ways companies can use benchmarking by means of DEM-Q®:
  • Does working from home boost or hurt productivity for companies around the world? Has performance in your organization worsened when most of the employees are working from home? View trends for the rest of the world.

  • If your devices suffer from many BSOD events and you might be interested in replacing the manufacturer with a better one, see what devices other companies use and how these devices perform in general. If you discover a performance problem in your devices, there may be many reasons for that (old processors, lack of memory, etc.) You might find out that the only thing you should do to improve the performance of devices is, for example, to upgrade their processors. The Aternity DEM-Q® provides you the information you need to make a decision.

  • View and improve your overall score by resolving boot issues and application performance.

  • Aternity DEM-Q® helps understand where your company performance excels and where you may want to focus effort to improve it.

See about Aternity DEM-Q® on our YouTube channel:
View Benchmarking Employee Experience with Aternity DEM-Q® on YouTube

If you are an account administrator, make sure you have properly entered your company's size and industry in the My Account administration screen. It is crucial to ensure a successful benchmark.

To... Do This...

Allow a successful benchmark by assigning your Industry and/or Company size

Define the industry and size of your company to get a precise benchmark
  1. Sign in to Aternity.

  2. Hover over the panel, click the gear icon , and select My Account.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select your industry and the amount of employees in your organization.

    Now, having selected the corresponding Industry and Company Size filter values above, you can see in the dashboard the level of device health and user experience in your organization compared to other similar-size companies in this industry. Learn more.


You are not limited to compare your business only within the same industry or size segment. Regardless of how you defined your company in the My Account screen, you can still compare your own business to business processes and performance of other Aternity customers if you change filters at the top of the DEM-Q® screen. This way, if you are performing in different business fields or have many subsidiaries, you can still see where you stand compared to others.


  1. Step 1 Open a browser and sign in to Aternity.
  2. Step 2 Select Main Menu > Benchmarks > Industry Benchmarks - DEM-Q®
  3. Step 3 Select the timeframe to limit the dashboard view to the period you want to investigate.
    You can use timeframe to compare your organization to others before and after you have made significant changes.

    When you select the time range for which you compare your business against others, note that there is a delay of up to 48 hours for the data to be fully synched. Each account has its own time zone. Daily aggregations are done at midnight, which is different for different time zones. Thus, it takes time to analyze all data from all accounts for a selected time period.

  4. Step 4 See below available operations with the dashboard:

    To... Do This...

    Locate your company on the graph

    See your company's scores:

    A small orange square between all other dots on the graph is your company.

    Each dot represents a company/customer account that Aternity monitors.


    At least three companies of the same industry are necessary for benchmarking. If there are fewer, it is not enough for comparison and the graph will not present any data.

    The tooltip shows company industry and size, if defined in the My Account administration screen. If not, the tooltip shows Coming Soon.

    Discover where you stand compared to other Aternity customers

    See the scores at the right side of the screen (on gauge widgets). If there is not enough data about Your Company, these widgets will only display general industry-related data with a bulb icon.

    Understand the Did You Know? light bulb

    Every time when the console refreshes, see a Did you know? bulb that brings interesting general facts about industry and provides essential information about computers, software or browsers. Randomly, upon every refresh, different data will be displayed.

    Understand the colors of your scores and where you are compared to others

    Learn where you stand compared to other companies
    Here is the legend for colors of your gauge widgets:
    • Green means you are within the top 70% in industry

    • Yellow means you match 15-30% in industry

    • Red means you are on the low side within 15% in industry

    Compare your company with companies in all regions or in a certain region only

    Select certain region or all regions to show on the comparison graph

    Select the required Region at the top right side of the screen.

    Compare your company with companies in the same industry

    Select your industry or all industries to show on the comparison graph

    Select the required Industry at the top right side of the screen.

    Compare your company with the companies of the same size

    Select your company size or all sizes to show on the comparison graph

    Select the Company Size at the top right side of the screen.

    Drill-down to Aternity dashboards

    Select a dashboard in your account to view the details

    Drill-down to your specific dashboards for further analysis by hovering over Your Company and selecting in the tooltip the required dashboard's link (Analyze Applications or Device Health).