Benefits of the Aternity SaaS Service

The purpose of this article is to supply the answer to a frequently asked question: “What do you provide as part of the Aternity SaaS service”.

Aternity gives end-to-end visibility, showing the real user experience, and tracing problems all the way to the back end servers. Learn more about Aternity.

Aternity runs as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, and assumes a broad range of operational responsibilities, which provide a variety of benefits. Learn more about SaaS architecture.

Service Description

Lower operational expense

Aternity operations team manages, upgrades, patches, and monitors the Aternity environment for you, so you do not need to devote your own resources. Our operations team are the top experts in Aternity deployments and are overseeing the operations for many large customers.

Frequent updates and new features

With a cloud deployment, Aternity provides frequent updates and upgrades of new features, typically on a monthly basis.

High availability

Aternity maintains a cloud deployment that is built for scale and disaster recovery leveraging real-time, distributed backups, with no additional investment required on your part. Aternity offers the Service Level Agreements for specific products and/or services.

Aternity has a proven track record of more than 99.95% availability.

Learn more about SaaS architecture.


Aternity’s dedicated operations team proactively monitors our cloud platform 24 x 7.


The Aternity Database is fully backed up, leveraging secure and durable storage, located on different sites for disaster recovery needs. Tests are performed regularly for recovery procedures to ensure minimum downtime.

Audits and certifications

Aternity security practices meet the most stringent expectations. Aternity's SOC 2 Type 2 compliance assures our customers that we are taking the appropriate steps to protect our systems and our customers’ data.

Data access

Aternity limits employee access to the cloud platform to a necessary set of users applying the principle of least privilege. All customer data access is logged and audited.

Data transmission and encryption

Aternity Agent for End User Devices and SDKs communicate only over HTTPS and all Aternity database disk volumes are encrypted. By default, proper configuration results in no collection of sensitive customer metrics, such as PCI or PHI data. In addition, we support a Privacy Mode in which user names and hostnames are masked.


Aternity currently complies with applicable data protection regulations and GDPR compliance across its relevant services (learn more). Aternity is also currently compliant with the NIST 800-171 standards, and its Security Management Program aligns with ISO 27005. Aternity also has its own privacy policy (learn more).

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