Introducing Aternity User Journey Intelligence

Aternity User Journey Intelligence enables you to extend visibility into complex web environments and to highlight the negative business impact of poorly performing web pages. It includes three core capabilities:
  • Synthetic Monitoring: Allows monitoring and measuring of web performance 7x24 for any type of web application

  • Real User Monitoring: Allows deep investigation of web performance thru Java script instrumentation, as well as measuring real users to find and fix end user experience issues

  • OpenTelemetry: Allows simple distributed tracing of your applications across a wide variety of languages and technologies and the resolution of issues in the cloud environment (learn more)

With Aternity User Journey Intelligence, you can improve the digital experience across the entire journey, when it starts with customers on your web site and continues with the employees who serve these customers in the branch, store, or office. You can analyze the impact of digital experience not only on productivity, but also on business outcomes, like revenue. With synthetic monitoring, you can proactively detect and resolve issues 7x24, as well as process observability data from OpenTelemetry tools (such as Jaeger and Zipkin).
Track digital experience of every user at each step of the journey across your site

Customer service is a vital factor required for a successful business. Deploying Aternity User Journey Intelligence, you speed up and improve your customer service.

Key Advantages of Aternity User Journey Intelligence

Aternity User Journey Intelligence provides a full spectrum Digital Experience Management (DEM) for customer service:
  • Monitors customer experience AND employee experience

  • Monitors IT metrics AND business metrics

  • Instrumentation on employee devices AND instrumentation of the application service

  • Supplies all of the DEM mechanisms, including device Agents, Synthetic Monitoring, and Real User Monitoring

  • Optimizes web page performance with detailed diagnostics​

  • Captures application telemetry thru byte-code instrumentation for JAVA and .NET AND OpenTelemetry for PHP and for other cloud application technologies



To use Aternity User Journey Intelligence you need to purchase the license. Please contact your account manager for more information.

You can drill-down to Aternity APM for further analysis right from inside Aternity User Journey Intelligence application (powered by Blue Triangle).

Please contact Aternity SaaS Administration for the initial setup (learn more).

In the Real User Monitoring Performance Overview, you will see Aternity links:
Drill-down to Aternity APM
In the Real User Monitoring Performance Detail (after clicking scatter plot point), you will see Go to Aternity APM:
Drill-down to Aternity APM

To start learning about the application, read here.