Previous Releases for Aternity SaaS

The Aternity SaaS undergoes regular updates every few weeks, bringing you enhanced features, new functionality and updated dashboards. Aternity SaaS had the following recent releases.

For earlier releases, see Releases in 2017 for Aternity SaaS and Releases in 2016 for Aternity SaaS.

What's New in Aternity SaaS February 2018

This section lists the updates to Aternity SaaS February 2018.

What's New in February 2018

New look for Aternity dashboards

Aternity upgraded its dashboards so that they are cleaner, brighter, and easier to view. New colors and themes minimize clutter and maximize insight. There is a brand new font, custom-designed especially for the dashboards, that makes the data stand out and integrate cohesively and aesthetically with the graphics and labels on the page.

Most importantly, Aternity's new look makes it easier for you to quickly see and understand your organization's digital performance.

Vivid new fonts and graphics in Aternity's new look

Longer Retention Times

Aternity has made changes in its retention of data, to allow you to see further back in time, and spot longer trends in performance.

Increased retention times provide more data to analyze

Though Aternity has increased the retention of daily activity and application data, sensitive PII such as user names is not retained when you view data as daily aggregations. You are still able to see the number of daily users. Learn more

Tour Aternity for New Users

If you are new to Aternity, the first time you sign in it invites you to take a product tour. In just a few minutes, learn about application dashboards, see how you can support troubleshooting end user problems (Help Desk), or monitor all end user devices across the organization (Service Desk).

Launch an Aternity product tour

The tours walk you through live dashboards which contain simulated demo data, to quickly help you understand the value of each dashboard. When you exit a tour, Aternity returns you to dashboards containing your own data.

Tour a live dashboard and learn about its features

You can take the tours whenever you want. Just select Help > Product Tours to return any time. Aternity tracks the tours you have completed.

Start product tours from the help menu

Learn more about product tours.

Other Feature Enhancements

Aternity has improved the Getting Started for Admin feature. It now helps you follow up on your setup of Aternity, to ensure that you are getting the data that you need. After you complete a Getting Started task, the panel provides a link to a dashboard where you can review the results of your setup.

Learn more.

See the results of your work by clicking a dashboard link

This month also brings more improvements to Aternity's REST APIs:

  • You can choose any number of days or hours for relative time queries. For example, you can filter your query to return data for the last nine days. Save and rerun (refresh) your query to see nine days of data back from the day on which you run it.

  • Automatically group results into weekly or monthly rows using the Calendar_Month and Calendar_Week attributes in the APPLICATIONS_DAILY and BUSINESS_ACTIVITIES_DAILY REST APIs.

Learn more about Aternity's REST APIs.

What's New in Aternity SaaS January 2018

This section lists the updates to Aternity SaaS January 2018.

Aternity Agent for Mac 3.0 (Beta)

Aternity Agent for Mac 3.0 enables Aternity to monitor usage and performance of discovered web and desktop apps and includes important new functionality:

  • The Agent now supports custom activities for web applications which you create in the Aternity Web Activity Creator.

  • Both the Aternity Agent for Windows and the Aternity Agent for Mac can automatically connect to Aternity via a proxy server if you configured the device to connect that way.

Contact the Aternity Beta Team to obtain the Aternity Agent for Mac 3.0 (Beta).

Learn more about the Aternity Agent for Mac.

Monitor Mobile App Usage and Performance with Aternity Mobile 10

Monitored mobile apps report a wealth of usage and performance data. You can embed the monitoring of mobile apps, with the Aternity Mobile SDK or Aternity Wrapper. If you want to retrieve specific response times, add custom activities to your mobile apps.

New to Aternity Mobile in version 10:

  • You can download the Aternity Mobile SDK from the Agent Download page. Learn more.

    You can also download the latest version of the Aternity Agent for Windows and the Aternity Agent for Mac from the same Agent Download page.

    Download Aternity Mobile from the Agent download page
  • Trace slow response times to the mobile app's back end using Aternity's integration with SteelCentral AppInternals™. Learn more.

Learn more about Aternity Mobile 10.

Onboarding Panel for New Aternity Administrators

The onboarding panel for new Aternity Administrators helps you through your first time configuration.

New Aternity administrators configure it for the first time

The panel guides you to:

  • Download and deploy the Agent on a single device to monitor its performance.

  • Once you see how monitoring works for a single device, it directs you to deploy multiple Agents. This deployment gives you a a wider picture to analyze usage and performance data.

  • Add users of different types, such as those who act as administrators of Aternity, and those that require access to dashboards so that they can view and troubleshoot performance data.


    After this point, you can dismiss the panel and return to it later on from Aternity's Help menu, by selecting > Admin Onboarding.

  • (Optional) Add managed applications and activities to enhance the data collected by Aternity. Learn more.

  • Integrate Aternity with other SteelCentral products, such as AppInternals and NetProfiler.

Learn more about the onboarding panel for new administrators.

Improved REST API Performance

Aternity has made improvements in the way that it handles REST API queries. This, together with the aggregation functionality provided by the $select filter in many REST APIs, results in improved query performance.

Learn more about Aternity's REST APIs.

Other Enhancements in this Release

This release also includes several other enhancements: