What's New in Aternity SaaS January 2019

Aternity SaaS undergoes regular updates every few weeks, bringing you enhanced features, new functionality and updated dashboards.

This section lists the latest updates to Aternity SaaS. Alternatively, you can view the previous updates to Aternity.

Remedy End User Devices Remotely

Remediation is a feature that allows IT teams to proactively identify issues that can cause problems or poor performance and remediate (fix) them before they are escalated. Running remediation actions allows the IT person to remotely resolve performance issues on end user monitored Windows devices by one-click. For example, empty recycle bin before end user is out of disk space or stop Windows service that should not run on the device.

Contact Aternity Beta Team to obtain this functionality.

  • Install Agent for End User Devices 12 that supports this functionality.

  • Remediation actions can be triggered automatically by Service Desk Alerts.

    Assign an automatic execution of remediation action to service desk alerts
  • Remediation actions can be added and executed manually from the Remediation screen.

    Run remediation actions manually
  • Execute remediation actions manually and view their correlation with health events using the Device Events (Beta) dashboard.

    Run remediation actions manually and view their correlation with other health events
  • Analyze all remediation actions and their states on a new Analyze Remediation dashboard.

    Analyze all remediation actions and their states

Firefox ESR 60.4 Expanded Monitoring (Beta)

Agent for End User Devices 12 provides full web monitoring support starting Firefox ESR 60.4.

Edit Activity to set a Manual Threshold for Detection

Users with privilege to edit activity can determine which detection method to select per activity.

Choose detection method to affect the activity score in the dashboards. You can choose the following methods:
  • Manual Threshold: You can set your performance targets for activity response by selecting Major and Minor threshold values. This method allows an absolute (not relative) measurement, as it does not refer to trends or baselines.
  • Automatic Baseline: Aternity default detection method (baselines) that defines thresholds automatically by the system. This method relies on a normal distribution curve, discarding any data which is too erratic. When this method is selected, you can see the current baseline global values in brackets (read-only).
  • Automatic Detection AND Manual Threshold: Select this method when the baseline is not yet measured or when you need to protect the baseline (values are very small).

    Learn more about activity scores in Aternity.

    Set detection method to an activity to monitor its performance score

Apply detection method to several activities using Bulk Actions.

Apply Bulk Actions to several activities

Learn more.

New Favorites Menu

You can now save your frequently used dashboards under Favorites and quickly get it by one click.

  • To keep dashboards under Favorites, bookmark them in the Main Menu or when saving.

    Two ways to save dashboards under Favorites
  • Easily access your dashboards from the Favorites menu.

  • Decide where to save dashboards and how to open them, from the Main Menu or from Favorites.

  • To remove a dashboard from Favorites, click on the icon next to the dashboard name.
Two ways to remove dashboards from the Favorites menu

Product Tours and Videos

The Product Tour panel has now a new look and feel. It allows adding more tours per category (tab), supplies an easy way to navigate to the relevant tour, and makes it easy to distinguish between tours and video clips.

  • Browse between tabs to select the tour and explore Aternity's value.

  • Watch videos from the Riverbed YouTube channel about SteelCentral Aternity™ and the value it brings directly from Aternity.

  • Hover over the thumbnail to see the tour description or to start playing video.

Select Product Tour or Video Clip to watch

Learn more.

Additional Enhancements

Enhancement Description
ServiceNow Integration While establishing a connection to ServiceNow, you can verify if the login credentials you entered were correct and whether the connection can be established. To perform verification, select Verify after entering credentials.
Verify login credentials you entered

Learn more.


A new version of Aternity iOS Mobile SDK supports iOS 12. It allows an enhanced monitoring with the API and investigating a mobile's slow WiFi connection.

Android OS SDK

A new version of Aternity Android Mobile SDK supports Android 9. It allows an enhanced monitoring with the API and investigating a mobile's slow WiFi connection.