What's New in Aternity SaaS February 2019

Aternity SaaS undergoes regular updates every few weeks, bringing you enhanced features, new functionality and updated dashboards.

This section lists the latest updates to Aternity SaaS. Alternatively, you can view the previous updates to Aternity.

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Time Zone Support (Beta)

With Time Zone Support, you have the option of changing the time zone for your account. To be the first to use this new feature, contact Aternity Beta Team.

Changing account time zone allows you to view dashboards, summaries, and queries in the time zone of your account, and not of the Aternity server.

With Time Zone Support, if applies:

  • Dashboards will present an aggregated data in the local time zone of the account.

  • The accounts will automatically adjust for daylight saving time.

  • Historical data will be converted and displayed in the account time zone.

  • REST API queries will return results in the account time zone.

  • Timeframe will display data in the time zone of the user account (and not of the Aternity server).

Contact Aternity Beta Team to obtain this functionality. In the request to set your local time zone, please specify the IANA Time Zone Name of your account. For example, Australia/Melbourne is the correct format, but not GMT+11. IANA format allows setting the correct time zone for different locations around the globe in order to reflect daylight-saving rules. Each location has a specific DST rule and schedule.

Library Enhancements

The Aternity Library is a powerful tool for resource-sharing and saving users precious time. You can now suggest your own dashboards for publishing in the Aternity dashboard's library.

  • The amount of content in the library grows significantly with more dashboards presented to all.

  • Send your suggestions to Aternity SaaS Administration. Once you shared the dashboard with somebody else, you can suggest it for adding to the library.

  • Let other people benefit from your contribution. When other users open that dashboard in their account, it shows the relevant data of that account.

Learn more.

User Feedback

Use the Feedback button at the side of the screen to send your feedback on that dashboard and functions, performance and workflow. Alternatively, go to the Help menu at the right upper corner of the screen and select User Feedback.

  • Rate your experience with Aternity.

  • Answer questions and help us improve your experience.

  • Enter your comments or ideas in the text box.

  • Submit feedback.

Fill in your feedback for Aternity dashboards

Additional Enhancements

  • In Advanced dashboards, the Timeframe drop-down menu is now at the top right corner of the screen and serves all multiple widgets in the dashboard. Use it to change the start time of the data displayed for each widget in advanced dashboards if necessary.
    Limit the view by setting the timeframe in the right upper corner of the screen

    If you previously defined the timeframe filter manually by dragging the Timeframe measure to the Columns and Rows bar, delete it to prevent duplications (right-click on the filter and select Remove).

  • Licenses are now automatically updated in the system every 24 hours. You can see all your deployment licenses in the License Provisioning screen.
    See all available licenses, their expiration dates and types, and the number of units in each one

    As account administrator you can now update licenses by yourself without waiting for Aternity SaaS Administrator.

    Add Serial Number that defines the license expiration date, the amount of license units, and more
  • There are new attributes like SLA, Last Reboot Time, and Last Boot Duration in the advanced dashboards.
    Customize dashboard and analyze data using SLA attributes