What's New in Aternity SaaS August 2019 (Latest Release)

Aternity SaaS undergoes regular updates every few weeks, bringing you enhanced features, new functionality and updated dashboards.

This section lists the latest updates to Aternity SaaS. Alternatively, you can view the previous updates to Aternity.

Define variables when creating remediation actions (optional)

An optional usage of input parameter enhances remediation action capabilities. It raises the number of possible remediation actions while minimizing the amount of required scripts. You can use a variable as your input parameter to perform a single action in multiple cases. For example, you can now create a script for restarting services and define that the name of the service is your input parameter (variable). So that you can modify the name of the service every time you want to restart some service. Another example, if you have a remediation action that uninstalls malicious apps, you might have the name of an application as a variable.
Define the parameter and use one script for multiple actions

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Improvements in PII and Privacy

Aternity cares about and safeguards your end user privacy by focusing on performance measurements. It stores PII (personally identifiable information) for short periods only, solely for the purposes of troubleshooting problems in user experience.

If you want to remove some PII from Aternity, you can send email to Aternity SaaS Administration specifying what user-specific PII fields you need to encrypt. With this setting, the server encrypts PII data that Agent transfers consistently over secured network (HTTPS) from Windows devices. You can still associate several performance problems with the same hostname or user, but you would not know the real-world name of the user who has those problems.

  • Aternity was fully compliant with data protection regulations and GDPR when it came out last year. In this release, we added additional capabilities.

  • Administrators can configure what fields to encrypt and what to keep visible. For details, contact Aternity SaaS Admin.

  • Only users with appropriate permissions can view the encrypted fields and search for the data by the real-world name.

  • Users can supply encryption key to apply encryption to their data.

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New Attributes

Aternity enhances the data collected from the devices on a regular basis. This data helps troubleshoot issues and analyze trends.

  • New attributes include: Device Serial Number, MS Office language, OS Free Disk Space, Antivirus Vendor, and Machine Power Plan.

  • View all attributes in the Device Details dashboard.

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Explore our library with many new dashboards

Aternity provides an extensive and ever-growing library with dashboards which cover multiple categories and use cases.

  • Use dashboards from the library to monitor and measure performance of your organization to make smarter data-driven decisions.

  • Recent additions to the library include: Licensed Component Inventory, Troubleshoot Application Crashes, BSOD causes, Application Baseline Overview and more.

  • Suggest your own dashboards to the library.

  • Subscribe to a library category to get instant access to new dashboards in that category or sort by “Last modified” to see new dashboards.

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Delete obsolete Service Desk Alert (SDA) rules

In previous releases you could only disable unnecessary SDA rules. Starting this release, it is possible also to delete the rules you do not use.

Delete rules that you do not need anymore

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An early access to Agent for End User Devices 12.0.1

Aternity is excited to announce the early access of Agent for End User Devices 12.0.1 which provides the following capabilities:

  • Support for creating custom health events and assigning automatic remediation actions to these events

  • Agent reports a special event in case custom health events are not properly raised.

  • Support for monitoring in Firefox ESR 60.4

  • Detection of applications installed via SCCM module without the possibility to uninstall them and displaying them in the Installed software dashboard.

  • Support for Remediation actions
    • Supports scripts' input parameters

    • Supports silent remediation actions run (without end-user confirmation)

    • Supports scripts' signing policy

    • Supports Trusted Root Certification Authorities store

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Anomaly Detection Enhancements

Added support for detecting browser's anomalies. You can be notified about low usage or increase in crashes of a browser and of the applications that used this specific browser.

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More Enhancements