What's New in Aternity SaaS September 2019

Aternity SaaS undergoes regular updates every few weeks, bringing you enhanced features, new functionality and updated dashboards.

This section lists the latest updates to Aternity SaaS. Alternatively, you can view the previous updates to Aternity.

Remediation Actions

Remediation allows IT help desk personnel to identify issues that cause problems and remotely fix them before they are escalated.

  • The Remediation functionality is now released for general availability.

  • Remediation actions can be triggered automatically (by Service Desk Alerts), manually (by IT help desk) or from external systems (by REST API).

  • Access our public repository for the most common remediation scripts.

  • Secure scripts with a digital signature.

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Data Retention

Aternity provides longer data retention for its major dashboards allowing monitoring and viewing your historical trends for longer periods of time.

  • Set the timeframe further back, with new longer data retention times.

  • 90 days for Enterprise Summary, Monitor Application, Troubleshoot Application, Device Health, Commonalities Applications / Business Activities, and for Troubleshoot Activity.

Analyze Your Device Health during the last 30-days

Agent 12 (Controlled Availability)

To get Agent 12 and leverage its exciting new functionality, contact Aternity SaaS Administration. Here are some major capabilities:

  • Support for remediation actions. You can initiate remediation remotely on end user devices.

  • Monitor web applications in Firefox ESR 60.4

  • Create custom health events to extend health monitoring.

  • Leverage PowerShell technology to detect anything you need.

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More Enhancements

  • Analyze Custom Data (Advanced) dashboard can now present an aggregated data as hourly or daily sums.

  • Analyze Remediation (Advanced) dashboard provides new dimensions for analysis.

  • You can view Aternity Agent processes in the Process Resources (Advanced) dashboard and with REST API.

  • Explore many new tours and videos in the Product Tours panel.

  • New look and feel allows intuitive and easy access to the enterprise dashboards, such as Enterprise Summary, Device Health, Boot, and others.