What's New in Aternity SaaS December 2020 (Latest Release)

Aternity SaaS undergoes regular updates every few weeks, bringing you enhanced features, new functionality and updated dashboards.

This section lists the latest updates to Aternity SaaS. Alternatively, you can view the previous updates to Aternity.

Agent 12.1.1 General Availability

Agent 12.1.1 contains exciting new features and allows monitoring new apps and attributes. Major highlights include:
  • Monitoring call quality in Microsoft Teams.

  • Monitoring performance of web applications in the Microsoft Edge, a Chromium-based browser.

  • Analyzing the file download time, size, and speed and their impact on efficiency.

  • Using Web Activity Creator (WAC 2.0) for creating activities directly from Internet Explorer.

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Aternity User Access Management

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Aternity staff Access Management process.

At Aternity, we are continuously working to secure our customers environment and data. This new process increases your visibility into Aternity staff members who can access your system.

With the launch of the process, Aternity staff (including Sales, Support and others) who need access to your account will require your approval.

Aternity will perform a gradual rollout of that functionality during December and account administrators will be notified about it.
See all Aternity employees who requested an access to your account and the status of the requests

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Drill Down Analysis

Advanced dashboards, including both library dashboards and custom dashboards have now a large set of relevant drill down options automatically added to them.

Drilling down from a custom dashboard to out-of-the-box dashboards weaves the custom dashboards into the Aternity workflow, allowing them to become an entry point to a much deeper data analysis in other dashboards.

A set of drill down links to relevant dashboards will be added to each one of the following objects that will appear in the tooltip: activity, application, user, or device.
Drill-down from custom dashboards to OOTB dashboards for deeper analysis

REST API Enhancements

We've redesigned the internal mechanism of the REST API to provide support for queries that contain much larger data sets.
  • Most of our REST APIs now support returning an unlimited number of rows per request.

  • You can use REST API with many BI and other tools, that do not work well with streaming mechanism, such as Tableau.

  • It is still advised to limit the number of rows by using filters or selecting only the relevant columns since smaller result sets will be returned much faster.

  • force_Query_Result function is deprecated.

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Additional Enhancements

  • New user attributes added to the Device Inventory Data Source and REST API (user full name, title, email address, office, and domain).

  • New device attribute added to the Device Details dashboard and REST API (physical CPU cores).