What's New in Aternity SaaS June 2020

Aternity SaaS undergoes regular updates every few weeks, bringing you enhanced features, new functionality and updated dashboards.

This section lists the latest updates to Aternity SaaS. Alternatively, you can view the previous updates to Aternity.

Create Your Own Dashboard Using Multiple Data Sources

Aternity enhances the process of data analysis and provides more value.
  • Usability improvements for the Analyze dashboards menu.

  • Access advanced dashboards via the new option Create Your Own Dashboard.

  • Analyze data from different sources side by side.

  • Create advanced dashboards with multiple tabs with a lot of great information.

  • Customize an advanced dashboard using different data sources in a single dashboard.

Select data source for the first widget and if necessary add more widgets

Online Help Portal Enhancements

Our Help Portal has undergone some significant improvements. There are many new updates on Aternity’s online help.
  • To make the search results look friendly, we group the articles with identical title and show the latest release by default.

  • It’s now possible to select whether to download only the topic you are reading or the whole publication.

  • The progress bar has been added to see the PDF download status.

  • Filters help you to quickly locate the right product and version. If you cannot find the necessary topic, check the filters and adjust them.

  • We will appreciate it a lot if you log in and send us a feedback. This will help us improve and provide a greater value to you.

New Agent for Windows Devices is Now Released

  • Agent 12.0.5 for End User Devices is a new Release Candidate. To get an Agent, please contact Aternity SaaS Administration

  • In parallel, Agent 12.1 is still in Beta and currently in phase 3 which includes Webex call quality monitoring, MS Teams call quality and Edge monitoring. To participate in Beta Program, contact Aternity Beta Team.

Other Enhancements

  • BSOD KPI has been added to the DEM-Q to measure how well you perform.

  • Administrators can quickly find values by filtering on one or more columns of data in the Users and Manage Saved Dashboards screens

  • We invite you to register for the Insights program in order to receive periodical emails with insights from your account

  • The library has been enhanced with new dashboards. Sort the dashboards by Last Modified to easily locate the latest additions

  • Zoom Meetings quality monitoring is under development. For more details and to register for Beta Program, contact Aternity Beta Team.