What's New in Aternity SaaS February 2021 (Latest Release)

Aternity SaaS undergoes regular updates every few weeks, bringing you enhanced features, new functionality and updated dashboards.

This section lists the latest updates to Aternity SaaS. Alternatively, you can view the previous updates to Aternity.

Maintain Business Productivity with Aternity Benchmarking

Analyze new KPIs to compare your organization to others. Visualize the performance and productivity against other companies and make smart decisions based on the benchmark analysis. For example, compare productivity of remote work in your organization against other organizations, compare one manufacturer against all the manufacturers, one Device Type against others, and more.
  • UXI added to the list of Health and Performance KPIs that can be displayed on the dashboard for further analysis.

    The User Experience Index (UXI) is a value (0-5) which measures the overall performance and health of applications, based on the number of crashes per hour out of the total usage time, the percentage hang time out of the total usage time, and the percentage wait time out of the total usage time. For web applications, it also uses the percentage of web page errors out of all page loads, and the average page load time.

  • In the DEM-Q tab, we introduced new gauges, like BSODs and Application UXI.

    The BSOD gauge displays how many blue screen errors happened during N hours in your enterprise. It states how good or bad it is compared to other Aternity customers in the industry. It also allows to drill down to the Analyze Device Health dashboard (if you hover over the gauge widget with the mouse).

    The Application UXI gauge displays the User Experience Index for your enterprise and the industry average. It also states how good or bad your UXI compared to other Aternity customers. It also allows to drill down to the Analyze Applications dashboard (if you hover over the gauge widget with the mouse).

  • In the Analyze tab, you can now decide what device attributes you want to analyze in the right pane sections. You can see in parallel three out of eight available options (Device Type, Device connection location, User connection location, Manufacturer, Industry, OS Name, Company size, Region). When you choose an attribute from the breakdown list, the section displays the list of all values of that attribute and the KPI for each value.
    Select the attributes for which you want to view the KPIs
  • Use a scatter plot in the Analyze tab to analyze KPIs for different sets of data. Group data by an attribute. The list includes now eight device and user attributes and will be enhanced with more in future releases.
    View Hours Between Crashes KPI for different Device types

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Insights Digest

We have enriched the content of our digest, and we are now providing valuable information about overloaded devices in your organization. High resource consumption can negatively affect the performance of applications and the employee's overall satisfaction.

To receive this insight and more, register to our digest via the Insights page.

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REST API Enhancements

We've redesigned the internal mechanism of the REST API to provide support for queries that contain much larger data sets.
  • Most of our REST APIs now support returning an unlimited number of rows per request.

  • You can use REST API with many BI and other tools, that do not work well with streaming mechanism, such as Tableau.

  • It is still advised to limit the number of rows by using filters or selecting only the relevant columns since smaller result sets will be returned much faster.

  • force_Query_Result function is deprecated.

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Announcing Web Activity Creator 2.0 (WAC) General Availability

We are inviting our customers to benefit from WAC 2.0 potential for creating activities within Internet Explorer (IE) and not only in Google Chrome.
  • Web Activity Creator 2.0 simplifies the process of building activities for web apps

  • Deploying Agent 12.1.1 which is now generally available allows using WAC 2.0

  • The tool now supports collaboration in activity creation.