What's New in Aternity SaaS August 2021

Aternity SaaS undergoes regular updates every few weeks, bringing you enhanced features, new functionality and updated dashboards.

This article lists the latest updates to Aternity SaaS. Alternatively, you can view the previous updates to Aternity.

This article includes the following sections:

Open Telemetry Collection

Aternity's APM capability now supports end-to-end activity tracing for a broader spectrum of web and cloud native apps including Node.js, PHP, Python, and many more.
  • Collect, store, and analyze span data from popular tracing tools like Zipkin, Jaeger, and OpenTelemetry

  • Industry-leading scalability and performance allowing for the collection of every single distributed trace without sampling

Interested customers to help shape the future of this rapidly evolving new capability should contact Aternity Beta Team and inquire for early access.

Learn more.

Poor Network Latency Insight

The new insight provides information about devices that suffered from poor Network Latency while working remotely. Poor latency means it is more than 250 ms during at least 2 hours a week (at least 5% of the time the devices were turned on). High latency has a large impact on device performance and a negative effect on user experience.
  • Click on the insight title to drill-down to devices analysis.

  • Use the dashboard from the library for the analysis (Devices With Poor Network Latency).

  • View latency in different business locations and its trend over time.

Browse library and open the Network Latency dashboard

Learn more about Aternity Experience Insights.

Hard Disk Drive Insights

How to prevent Hard Disk Drive failures with Aternity? The new set of actionable insights (15 in total) provides information about common hard drive errors. You can know in advance worst hard drive problems in your organization and repair them before actual damage occurs, prevent failures and data loss.
  • Click on the insight title to drill-down to the Analyze Device Health dashboard.

  • The analysis covers three groups of devices: virtual application servers, VDIs, and physical devices (laptops and desktops).

  • The system checks HD Failures, Bad HD S.M.A.R.T. Status, HD Bad Blocks, Corrupted File system, and Low Disk Space.

  • Take preventive actions: free up disk space, defragment your drives, change disk, and more.

Learn more about Aternity Experience Insights.

Remediation Enhancements

Aternity continues to supply out-of-the-box solutions for fixing computer common issues.

Improve your Service Desk KPIs by using Aternity remediation actions in automated workflows or manually.
  • Use Clear DNS Cache action to resolve DNS is not responding application issues.

  • Use Restart Computer action to keep your computers compliant and safe.

  • Use Update Group Policy action to refresh a computer's local Group Policy.

Available remediation actions list

In addition, remediation actions are now supported on MAC devices. To participate in Beta program, contact Aternity Beta Team.

Other Enhancements

  • Improved performance and filtering by time added to the Benchmark dashboards. This allows organizations to compare themselves before and after they have made significant changes.

  • Insights Front Page with a new Look and Feel.
    Get insights and act proactively to improve performance