What's New in Agent 12.2 for Windows

Agent for End User Devices 12.2 offers new functionality, features and improvements in performance. Be among the first to try Aternity's enhanced monitoring with the new Agent 12.2.

The Agent for End User Devices monitors end user experience by measuring device and application performance. It is a small background utility which runs on each monitored device, and reports its data to Aternity.

You can deploy the Agent throughout your enterprise to collect data from devices and report to Aternity.

Before deploying, see the resolved issues for Agent 12.2.

Deploy Agent to all devices in the organization

This article covers the following sections:

Aternity Agent Release States

This section lists different states of Aternity Agent release cycle. The state reflects the stability level of the Agent, and it is not related to functionality. When the Agent of a certain version changes its state (for example, from CA to GA), its functionality remains the same.

Definitions of Release States for Aternity Agent
  • Release Candidate (RC) – This is a new Agent version which Aternity intends to make available for customers in the near future. You may request and deploy it to a handful of endpoints to try its features.

  • Controlled Availability (CA) – This is a production-ready, supported Agent with which you may start a limited scale rollout to your organization. It's available upon request. Please contact Aternity SaaS Administration.

  • Early Availability (EA) – This is a production-ready, supported Agent with which any customer may start a tiered rollout to their organization. Please contact Aternity SaaS Administration for full deployment confirmation.

  • General Availability (GA) – This is a default Agent available for full scale deployment to all environments. For older GA versions, contact Aternity SaaS Administration.

  • Beta – This is an Agent version which will not become generally available, but you can request it from the Aternity Beta Team and use it to evaluate new features.

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What's New in Agent 12.2.1 (Release Candidate)

Agent 12.2.1 includes all functionality from Agent 12.2.0.
Feature Description

Agent deployment

Supports update for a predefined group of devices.

(For updates from Agent 12.2.1 to later versions).

Agent deployment

Supports the setup flag to enable or disable the Agent Updater component.

What's New in Agent 12.2.0 (General Availability)

Agent 12.2.0 includes all functionality from Agent 12.1.4.
Feature Description

Agent deployment

Supports an easy one-click update on Windows OS.

Aternity customers can now easily update the Agent on PC on a large number of devices remotely.

Learn more.

Business location mapping

Supports a VPN with split-tunneling.

When using the VPN with split tunneling, deploy Agent 12.2 to correctly report business location.

Because of split tunneling, earlier versions of Agent may mistakenly report the home location as office or as Not Mapped (depending on whether the IP address exists in the Active Directory or not).

Remediation enhancements

Supports remediation action snooze capability.

Remediation enhancements

Supports remediation actions on devices when no user is logged in. This option should be defined during remediation action setup.