What's New in Aternity SaaS 2022

Aternity SaaS undergoes regular updates every few weeks, bringing you enhanced features, new functionality and updated dashboards.

This article lists the latest updates to Aternity SaaS. Alternatively, you can view the previous updates to Aternity.

This article includes the following sections:

New Features and Capabilities Released in June 2022

Feature Description
Experience Insights Dashboard

Experience Insights dashboard opens when users select one of the Application Experience Insights for High Hang Percent or Hours Between BSODs vs. Benchmark insight on the Insights Home Page or from the periodic digest.

This common dashboard contains the same types of information for various insights. This provides consistency for the customer and should make it easier to extract information for each insight.

Currently, this dashboard is available for mentioned above insights only. Later, it will be a universal dashboard for all Aternity insights.

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Application Experience Insight for Hang Percent

Application Experience Insight for Hang Percent has undergone improvements and it is a migration of an existing insight. The widgets on the Home Page will now look similar to the Hours Between BSODs vs. Benchmark insight widgets. There are 4 possible insights for 4 different Office applications.

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Experience Insights Dashboard - Introducing Euler Charts

Aternity Experience Insights now contain Euler Charts to demonstrate data key findings. These charts are a graphical representation of the intersections of the commonalities called out in additional key findings. They suggest the possible commonalities which should be focused on for further improvement.

So, the Commonalities widget shows the number of devices that are severely impacted having a specific attribute compared to the total number of devices having that same attribute while also showing the intersections between multiple attributes. The legend shows the labels A, B, C, etc.

If users hover over an area of the chart, it will show the “sets” (e.g. AB) that make up that section and the number of devices in that section. This helps the user identify the intersections of the “sets” seen in the legend.
Analyze commonalities
Experience Insights - Home Page Improvements

Application Experience Insight for High Hang Percent is a migration of an existing insight. The cards on the home page will now look like the Hours Between BSODs vs. Benchmark insight cards. There are 4 of them for 4 different Office applications.

Experience Insights Dashboard - Additional Key Findings widget
Improved statements for attribute related impacts in order to make your digital content clear and easy to understand.
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New Features and Capabilities Released in May 2022

Feature Description
Agent for End User Devices 12.2.1

New Agent for End User Devices 12.2.1 has been released for Controlled Availability now. It offers new features and contains bug fixes.

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Work from Home Improved Monitoring and Analysis

Aternity enhances the data collected from the devices on a regular basis.

This data helps troubleshoot issues and analyze trends.

The Analyze, Troubleshoot and Monitor dashboards include new attributes called ISP, Active Subnet, Device Connection Location, and User Connection Location, which allow better analysis of remote device performance.

Herein the list of dashboards that recently underwent a change:
  • Analyze Applications

  • Analyze Business Activities

  • Analyze Device Health (Active Subnet attribute only)

  • Analyze Process Resources

    (Active Subnet, Device Connection Location, and User Connection Location only)
  • Analyze Skype for Business

  • Analyze WiFi

    (Active Subnet, Device Connection Location, and ISP only)
  • Analyze Device Inventory

    (Active Subnet, Device Connection Location, and ISP only)
  • Troubleshoot Application

  • Troubleshoot Activity

  • Commonalities Analysis for Application

  • Commonalities Analysis for Activity

  • Calls Commonalities Analysis

New Features and Capabilities Released in April 2022

Feature Description
Lenovo Notebook BIOS Vulnerabilities

Lenovo informed its customers about the vulnerability in the Notebook BIOS of some models.

Aternity provides the new dashboard where you can easily and quickly find out which devices in your organization are impacted.

How to find the new dashboard? Go to the Main Menu > Library. Select All to see all available in the library dashboards. To locate the new one, select Sort by > Last Modified at the right upper corner of the window. Learn more about the Dashboards Library.

Read here how to fix the vulnerabilities in Lenovo BIOS of the impacted models and protect yourself.

Insights Front Page

The Front Page has undergone some modifications. Click on the Insight title to drill-down to the respective dashboard.

You can switch to previous design anytime. We would appreciate your feedback on the new look. Use the buttons at the upper left corner of the screen.

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ServiceNow App with Remediation Support

New 2.2.0 version of Aternity ServiceNow Incident Management application is now available for download and provides support for remediation actions in the Device Overview and Device Events tabs. It is possible to launch and run remediation directly from incidents.

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Role-based Access Control (RBAC) Enhancements

Aternity enables data restriction by tagging certain users or group of users and defining what data they are allowed to view.

Data restriction roles assignment for groups and users can be done automatically based on attributes predefined in SAML Claim.

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Aternity Activity Designer 12.2.1

New Aternity Activity Designer 12.2.1 is now released to support Agent 12.2.1.

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New Agent for End User Devices 12.2.1

New Agent for End User Devices 12.2.1 is a Release Candidate now. It offers new features and contains bug fixes.

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New Features and Capabilities Released in March 2022

Feature Description

Windows Machine Boots Retention and New REST API

Support for longer retention for Windows Machine Boots (400 days). This allows enhanced monitoring and better insight during investigation in the advanced dashboards. This longer retention is available in the Windows Machine Boots data source of the advanced dashboards and in a newly added daily anonymized REST API.

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Service Desk Alerts Data Source (advanced dashboard)

The new data source provides collected data regarding SDA and allows to build a custom dashboard.

Use the Service Desk Alerts data source to analyze all service desk alerts occurred in the organization. Analyze patterns of similar types of alerts, and correlate between device attributes or any other collected event. Also, use this dashboard to proactively handle most common alerts in the system: add automatic remediation flows or manually remediate devices with similar characteristic before they raise an alert.

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New Features and Capabilities Released in February 2022

Feature Description

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Attribute

Support for Internet Service Provider (ISP) attribute in the following advanced custom dashboards: Applications, Business Activities, Remote Display, and Device Inventory. This provides deeper visibility to internet service providers (ISPs) and more context around employee location.

Predefined Activities for PowerPoint - Office 365

Improved monitoring of predefined PowerPoint activities for Office 365.

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New Query Option in REST API

The $count system query option with a value of true specifies that the total count of items within a collection matching the request be returned along with the result.

Use $count=true to get the total count of items within a collection matching the request.

Learn more about REST API.

In-Product Help

From now, you do not need to leave the product to find answers. Search for online help right within Aternity console.

  1. Start typing the key word in the Search Help field ().
  2. Select the article from the list of results.
    Search for a term
  3. Scroll down to briefly look for the required information.
    Read the Help article withing the product console
  4. Alternatively, select to open the article in its full mode in a new tab from the Help Portal.

Security Enhancements Released in December 2021

Feature Description
log4j security vulnerabilities

Between December 13 and December 26, we have taken a series of steps to fully patch all known log4j security vulnerabilities in the Aternity SaaS platform. For more details, please see our Customer Success site.

New Features and Capabilities Released in December 2021

Feature Description
What's New Pop-up Window is End of Life

Following numerous feedbacks from our customers, we are pleased to announce the launch of the new format for Aternity Release News. View the megaphone icon on the tool bar at the right corner of the screen.

This is the last time you see this pop-up. This change will harmonize better with Aternity's new update cycle which lets new features be added to the system more frequently than once a month.
  • From now on the blinking orange megaphone icon will announce about new releases.

  • You can always click on the megaphone, regardless of its color, and check the feed.

  • In the feed, click on the title of an item to learn more about the new feature.

  • Click on the link at the bottom of the feed to view the full release article for the year to date.

View News Feed
Repository for Monitors and Remediation Scripts
Take advantage of our new repository where you can find various monitoring files and predefined scripts for enhanced monitoring.
  • To use the repository, log in to Aternity Customer Success site.

  • This central repository allows you to access information anytime you need it.

  • Take a look and check out what monitoring files we uploaded for your use.

  • Easily find and enjoy many free script samples for running remediation.

Log in to the Customer Success Site to view the repository of scripts and templates

Learn more.

New 2.1.0 version of ServiceNow Integration
New 2.1.0 version of ServiceNow Integration app is available for download. Service Desk teams can now identify and resolve problems more rapidly. Reducing MTTR improves Service Desk staff efficiency and quality.
  • Added a timeline to the Device Events tab to easily visualize correlation between events over time.

  • Added a header to the Device Overview tab to visually highlight important device attributes.

View Device Attributes in ServiceNow

Learn more.

Windows 11 Certification

You can now deploy Agents on end user devices with Windows 11.

Learn the full spec.

Agent 12.1.4

Agent for End User Devices 12.1.4 is now released for general availability and includes security enhancements.