What's New in Agent 11.0.x for Windows

Agent for End User Devices 11.0.x offers new functionality, features and improvements in performance.

The Agent for End User Devices monitors end user experience by measuring device and application performance. It is a small background utility which runs on each monitored device, and reports its data to Aternity.

You can deploy the Agent throughout your enterprise to collect data from devices and report to Aternity.

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Aternity Integration with AppResponse

Install Agent for End User Devices 11.0.1 to enable Aternity integration with AppResponse.
Turn on the integration
  • Investigate end-user experience and network performance by switching between Aternity and AppResponse.

  • In Aternity, investigate Citrix XenApp server resources' utilization and top processes. All typical device questions are laid out for you: OS, network connection, top processes, memory, CPU usage, health events, latency and so on. Isolate issues which are causing slowdowns in applications hosted on that server.

  • Drill down to AppResponse to see how data center network performance and the back-end Citrix XenApp servers influence what users experience.

If this integration is turned on and operating correctly, Aternity reports the connection status: whether the Agent for End User Devices properly reports to both systems. When the integration is disabled, the reported value is N/A (not available). You can see the AppResponse Connection Status in the Aternity Device Details and Troubleshoot App Server dashboards. The status can be either Reporting (2xx) or Failed (4xx).

Check if AppResponse is properly connected

Improved Reporting of Installed Software

Agent 11.0.1 reports all installed applications that you see in the Programs and Features screen, even those that cannot be removed. This ensures that the information about installed applications is comprehensive and up to date and allows making strategic decisions regarding the software in your enterprise. See all installed applications in the Installed Software dashboard.

Troubleshoot Citrix Virtual Application Server

With Agent 11.0, you can monitor all sessions of a Citrix application server with a new dedicated dashboard called Troubleshoot Citrix Virtual Application Server.

New dashboard to troubleshoot an application server

More Features in Agent 11.0

  • Report IPv6 addresses properly for devices on an IPv6 network.

  • Monitor the I/O of any managed application whenever it runs on a device. Until now, Aternity only monitored the I/O per device as a whole, or during an activity.

    You can see this in Analyze Process Resources and Activity Resource Analysis when your monitored devices run Agent 11 or later.