What's New in Agent 12.1 for Windows

Agent for End User Devices 12.1 offers new functionality, features and improvements in performance. Be among the first to try Aternity's enhanced monitoring with the new Agent 12.1.

The Agent for End User Devices monitors end user experience by measuring device and application performance. It is a small background utility which runs on each monitored device, and reports its data to Aternity.

You can deploy the Agent throughout your enterprise to collect data from devices and report to Aternity.


Agent 12.1 setup requires 64-bit Windows 7 SP1 or later, or Windows Server 2008 R2 or later operating system. 32-bit is not supported. Learn more.

See the resolved issues for Agent 12.1 (learn more).

Deploy Agent to all devices in the organization

This article covers the following sections:

What's New in Agent (Release Candidate)

This Agent release incorporates all functionality from earlier releases described below in this document as well as all functionality from Agent 12.0.6. In addition, it also includes the following enhancements:

  • (SaaS only) Supports reporting on the scheduled calls in MS Teams (also referred to as Meetings in MS Teams UI).

What's New in Agent (Controlled Availability)

This Agent release incorporates all functionality from earlier releases described below in this document. In addition, it also includes the following enhancements:

  • Supports reporting on user installed applications (per user account, and not only per device).

  • Supports recording activities in Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser.

  • Supports filtering Incomplete activities in the Recorder’s Validation Summary window. Select to view or deselect to hide the Incomplete activities.
    Select or deselect the check-box to view or to hide incomplete activities
  • For monitored devices, supports monitoring of File Downloads for the files on the white list pages.

Monitoring Calls in Cisco Webex (Agent Beta)

For the devices with Agent for End User Devices 12.1, Aternity collects call statistics of Cisco Webex calls performed on that device. You can determine if most of network issues that affect calls quality occur when devices connect to the network over VPN. Learn more.

Monitoring Web Applications in the New Microsoft Edge (Agent Beta)

Aternity automatically monitors the performance of web applications in the new Microsoft Edge, a Chromium-based browser.
  • Correlate the performance of custom activities or page load activities with different browsers: Chrome, IE, FireFox, and Chromium-based Edge.

  • Diagnose web application performance issues proactively.

Monitor File Downloads in Google Chrome (Agent Beta)

With Agent for End User Devices 12.1, you can analyze file downloads quality in Google Chrome. Use the new File Downloads (Advanced) dashboard for your analysis.

  • See the file transfer time, speed, or size and its impact on efficiency in your organization.

  • Customize the dashboard to show the relevant information to your business.

  • To get Agent 12.1, please contact Aternity Beta Team

Analyze the downloaded files

Learn more.

Analyze Microsoft Teams (Agent Beta) (SaaS only)

With Agent for End User Devices 12.1, you can monitor Microsoft Teams. To get the Agent, please contact Aternity Beta Team.

Aternity provides the new capability to monitor and report on the calls in Microsoft Teams and introduces the new advanced dashboard for analyzing those calls. This dashboard includes many call-specific measurements and advanced attributes. Learn more.
MS Teams
  • Get to know your users' experience with MS Teams for optimizing employees collaboration.

  • Improve meeting audio/video quality in your organization.

Learn more about attributes and measurements Aternity collects.

Learn how to enable the integration of Aternity with Microsoft Teams.

Aternity Web Activity Creator (WAC 2.0 ) (Agent Beta)

With Agent for End User Devices 12.1, you can monitor the activities created with WAC 2.0. To get the Agent, please contact Aternity Beta Team.

The Aternity Web Activity Creator (WAC) enables you to quickly and intuitively create custom activities for web applications directly from the web page. The WAC is an interactive Google Chrome extension that opens as a floating sidebar next to your web page. It offers a simple workflow to create your custom activities all on one PC.
  • With WAC 2.0, you can design and monitor your activities within Internet Explorer in addition to Google Chrome.

  • WAC 2.0 provides extensive collaboration capabilities. It allows different users from the same account to view and edit the same activity. In addition, WAC 2.0 allows indicating the end of a business activity upon multiple events.

  • You can complete an activity on any event or on multiple events you indicate. To do this, apply the And condition. This means that only when all the events completed, then the activity state becomes Complete. You can apply And or Or conditions to complete events.

WAC 2.0

Learn how to create activities with WAC 2.0

More Features in Agent 12.1.0 Beta

  • Supports reporting of available PRC information for protected processes (like CPU and IO Read/IO Write, but Memory PRC is unavailable).

  • Supports new attributes, including Battery Capacity Health, BIOS, and SCCM.

  • Supports 64-bit operating systems only.

  • When sending data, the Agent reports securely to Aternity via HTTPS. The Agent uses TLS 1.2 on devices with .NET 4.5 or later (Note that TLS 1.1 is deprecated).


Definitions of Release States for Aternity Agent
  • Beta – This is an Agent version which will not become generally available, but you can request it from the Aternity Beta Team and use it to evaluate new features.

  • Release Candidate (RC) – This is a new Agent version which Aternity intends to make available for customers in the near future. You may request and deploy it to a handful of endpoints to try its features.

  • Controlled Availability (CA) – This is a production-ready, supported Agent with which you may start a partial rollout to your organization. It's available upon request. Please contact Aternity SaaS Administration.

  • General Availability (GA) – The latest version of this Agent is available by default to all environments. For older GA versions, contact Aternity SaaS Administration.