Release News for Aternity Activity Designer

Release Notes for Aternity Activity Designer 3.2.x

Aternity Activity Designer 3.2.x offers new functionality, features and improvements in performance.

What's New

For information about the new features of Aternity Activity Designer 3.2.x, see What's New for Aternity Activity Designer 3.2.x.

Deploying This Upgrade

Designer 3.2.x requires any 64-bit Windows, and the Windows Media Player installed. For more information, see the setup instructions and a guide to using the product.


When you open a project, Designer 3.2.4 automatically checks all activities for any corrupted data. If it finds any, you must delete those activities and recreate them from scratch. Do NOT reuse any elements from those corrupted activities.

Automatic check for data corruption when opening a project

Known Issues in This Release

DescriptionSalesForce ID

For some videos, the event timestamp sync with the video player may be incorrect.

Occasionally the Designer splash screen may appear as an empty black rectangle, but the application continues to function normally.

Designer has difficulty on Turkish operating systems. We recommend avoiding use of Turkish characters in activity names.

Issues Resolved in This Release

DescriptionSalesForce IDResolved in

Stability and performance improvements

854665, 865682, 852152, 857220


Resolved issues with workspace data integrity. If it finds any corrupted activities, it automatically renames them, and you must recreate them from scratch.

852801, 849923, 849194


Playback validation now available in Windows 10.



Reinstated copy and paste several literals at once.


Resolved issues validating a recording captured on a device with a different time zone than the PC running the Designer.


Resolved issues validating recordings captured with Agent 9.0.5 or later.

14095, 13923, 13920