What's New for Aternity Activity Designer 12.0

Aternity Activity Designer is a visual tool for creating custom activities for desktop and mobile applications without requiring any programming knowledge. Designer enables you to pinpoint the UI events that mark the start and end of your new activity. Version 12.0 offers new functionality, features and improvements in performance..

For details on the list of resolved issues for this release, learn more.

This release introduces the following enhancements:

  • Aternity Activity Designer 12 is compatible with Aternity Agent 12. This allows loading and playback of Agent 12 recordings.

  • WinUI event has a new Class called AternityDCConcentrator. It is possible to filter events. To exclude events with the class AternityDCConcentrator, select Show only suggested events. To show the full list of all events, deselect Show only suggested events.

For resolved issues in this release, read here.