What's New for Aternity Web Activity Creator (WAC 2.0)

The Aternity Web Activity Creator (WAC) enables you to quickly and intuitively create custom activities for web applications directly from the web page. The WAC is an interactive Google Chrome extension that opens as a floating sidebar next to your web page. It offers a simple workflow to create your custom activities all on one PC.

WAC 2.0 requires Agent for End User Devices 12.1 to be installed on Windows PC.

Use WAC to create custom activities for Web Applications
With WAC 2.0 you can:
  • Create your web activities in WAC 2.0 from within Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

  • Monitor the activities you created using WAC on monitored devices in Chrome or Internet Explorer. To monitor activities, the device must have Agent for End User Devices 12.1.

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