What's New for Aternity Activity Designer 11.0

Aternity Activity Designer is a visual tool for creating custom activities for desktop and mobile applications without requiring any programming knowledge. Designer enables you to pinpoint the UI events that mark the start and end of your new activity. Version 11.0 offers new functionality, features and improvements in performance..

For details on the list of resolved issues for this release, learn more.

This release introduces the following enhancements:

Support for Agent 11.0 Playback

Designer can load and play the Agent 11 recordings as well as provide a download link for Playback Agent 11 if it is missing.

Link to the Event Included in a Literal

When fine-tuning an activity, it is really helpful to understand what was the original event that a literal is created from. The Designer already marks used events in green, and now in Designer 11 each literal gets a direct link (Show Event) to the event and the recording it was created from (in case the recording exists).

Click on the Show Event link to see the original event from which this literal has been created

Validation Results Sorting by Time

Designer provides two ways to sort the validation results:
  • Sort by name: The results are grouped by activity name and within the group they are sorted by the activity start time. This is useful when dealing with short recordings or with a small number of activities. (The option existed in previous version.)

  • Sort by time: “Story telling” results are sorted by the activity start time. In this view there is no hierarchy, and each row displays a separate activity with its name. This is useful when dealing with long recordings that include work flows that you might need to follow. (The option is introduced in this release.)

    Sort the results by the activity start time

Users can copy the results to a clipboard and then paste them in their favorite text editor.

Riverbed Re-branding

Designer is now part of Riverbed SteelCentral product family.

Designer Activity Documents (which are generated automatically with signatures) are also re-branded to comply with Riverbed branding policy.

Multiple Literals in a Loop

Designer now allows to include multiple complete literals as part of the loop. When multiple literals are selected, activity will end when the last literal will stop trigger the loop. This capability has been created for advanced signature developers.

The parameters of multiple literals in loop are set according to the first literal in this loop. You can click on the Available indicator link and set a different duration time. Note that the change applies to all literals in the loop.


Ease of Use

The Project Explorer can now be hidden via the Preferences menu. To show the explorer, select Show Project Explorer. To hide it, deselect the menu.

Show or hide Project Explorer