What's New for Aternity Activity Designer 3.2.x

Aternity Activity Designer is a visual tool for creating custom activities for desktop and mobile applications without requiring any programming knowledge. Designer enables you to pinpoint the UI events that mark the start and end of your new activity. Version 3.2.x offers new functionality, features and improvements in performance.

For details on the list of resolved issues for this release, learn more.

Automatically Generate Documents for Your Activities

Create an automatically generated HTML document along with an application's signatures. The document details the scope and content of each signature, and also includes automatic screenshots of the start and end events of each activity, for a quick understanding of the details and purpose of each signature.

Business Managers and Application Owners can use the document for a quick high level summary of each activity, while signature developers can focus on the Technical Spec. section to quickly understand the technical details, like the events used, and the version of the Agent which captured the original recording.

You can automatically generate one document for all activities of an application, or you can create a separate document per activity.

Generate a document describing the details of all activities of an application

Visualize Literals with Screenshots

New screenshots in Designer's Literal Properties pane allow you to visualize the business flow, so you can associate events on the screen with the literals in the Start and Complete sections.

Select the screenshot to open it, and add your own caption to include it in the auto-generated HTML document.

View a screenshot of the literal and add a caption

Cleaner View of Properties in the Literal Editor

Now Designer hides unused literal properties from view. To activate any of them, you can right-click and select Show Removed Items (just like mobile activities from Designer 2.1).

Less clutter in the literal properties

Support for Updated Chrome HTML Monitoring

Designer 3.2.x supports native HTML monitoring in Chrome, introduced in Agent for End User Devices 9.0.5. Designer automatically detects compatible recordings, and creates activities which use the new monitoring functionality.


It displays events like clicks and key presses in the HTML tab of the events viewer.

Mark Used Events for Future Reference

If you already used an event in an activity, Designer 3.2 marks it with a green border to easily identify it, so you can match the upper half of the screen with the lower list of events.

Select an element above to see its highlighted event below

Find Relevant Events More Quickly

Find the most salient events for a video frame more quickly by selecting the Gear Icon > Show Only Suggested Events.

Show only events likely to be significant for activities

Automatically Manage User Interruptions of an Activity

Every Windows activity should define the conditions to move its status to incomplete. Typically this is when a user interrupts it with a keypress or a mouse click. If you forget to add this status, a user interrupt can cause unexpected results. Designer 3.2 adds this logic automatically to activities which use UX, by creating three standard user interruptions. They are:

  • Any click

  • Any keypress

  • Application lost focus (for Agent 9.x or later, ignored by earlier Agents).

Designer automatically adds the conditions for incomplete status

Automatic Tracking of Process IDs

Designer 3.2 now automatically manages activities whose process ID (PID) changes while the business transaction is performing. It intelligently detects any PID changes during the activity, and automatically adjusts the activity to continue its monitoring.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Power Users

For those who work faster with the keyboard, Designer 3.2 offers the following keyboard shortcuts:

Shortcut Description

Ctrl + space

Video play / pause

Ctrl + right-arrow

Video next frame

Ctrl + left-arrow

Video previous frame

Ctrl + E

Export project

Ctrl + I

Import project

Alt + G

Generate signature

Ctrl + Alt + G

Generate all valid signatures for this application.

Alt + V


Ctrl + Alt + V

Validate against external signatures

Undo Changes by Resetting a Literal Definition

With Designer 3.2 you can reset a literal’s definition to its default by simply right-clicking and selecting Reset literal. This returns its settings to when you just added it from a recording.

Reset a literal’s definition to its default state