What's New for Aternity Mobile 9.2.x

Version 9.2.x of Aternity Mobile is a new release for enterprise customers who are looking to pilot the latest mobile features within their organization.

Deploying This Upgrade

You can deploy Aternity Mobile on your apps to monitor their performance and report it to Aternity.

What's New: Monitored Mobile Apps with Usage Data

Monitored mobile apps now report wait time and usage time, which requires knowing the time when the app is in the foreground and in use (the time when the user actively interacts with the app). All these ingredients are now reported, and used to calculate the UXI.

Monitored mobile apps added to the Monitor Enterprise Applications dashboard

Additional Enhancements

  • Aternity Mobile now reports the timestamp when the device was last restarted, displayed as Last Boot in the Troubleshoot Device dashboard and the Device Details dashboard.

    Last Boot now shown for mobile devices which use a monitored mobile app
  • Aternity iOS Mobile monitors several additional native UI events: setHidden and viewDidAppear, to help better capture the end of an event.

    Version 9.2.1 resolves a crash which can sometimes occur on iOS devices when monitoring setHidden.

  • A wrapped Android app which used API level 23 or above (for Android 6.0 or later) properly reports its location and network type. (DE10907)