What's New for Aternity Mobile 9.3.x

Aternity Mobile 9.3.x offers new functionality, features and improvements in performance.

For details on the list of resolved issues for this release, see Release Notes for Aternity Mobile 9.3.x.

You can deploy Aternity Mobile on your apps to monitor their performance and report it to Aternity.

Monitor the Device and Server with Aternity APM and Aternity

With Aternity Mobile 9.3 in your iOS or Android app, if you configured Aternity to work with Aternity APM (previously AppInternals), you can continue monitoring native HTTP or Ajax calls, or any web page loads by tracing the Aternity APM transaction on the server side, when that server is monitored with Aternity APM.

Start by viewing the client side details of a single activity in the User Experience dashboard, then drill down to open in Aternity APM to continue following its path on the server side.

Troubleshoot a slow server time by drilling down to Aternity APM

Additional Enhancements

  • Aternity iOS Mobile SDK now includes a new API: setCrashCallback.

    Use setCrashCallback (iOS only) to specify a callback function to run when the app crashes. For example, you can specify a callback function which adds an entry to your app's log to save information used when reopening the app. Learn more.

  • Aternity iOS Mobile now reports Signal Strength also in iOS 10.