The Gap Between Aternity SaaS and on-premise 12.x

Learn what useful and valuable features you can get by migrating to the SaaS product today.

This article covers the following sections:

Service Desk Dashboard

Aternity introduces a new tool for Service Desk support people. See what's going on with a malfunctioning device without connecting to it.

  • Access the new dashboard by going to the Main Menu > Troubleshoot > IT Service Desk.

  • Check the device of a user who contacted you for support and see the live data for that device.

  • Check recent events and updates to identify the problem.

  • Evaluate various scores of the device.

  • Initiate remediation actions remotely.

Troubleshoot customer's device

Experience Insights

Aternity collects a very rich set of data from end-user devices across multiple customers. It also analyzes what happens in your account through looking at the whole account. Aternity Experience Insights enhances our offering and now we proactively supply you with insights from the collected data. You can register and receive periodic emails with information about trends and shifts in your account to help drive better analysis and decision-making process. Alternatively, you can open the Main Menu > Insights > Aternity Experience Insights screen to analyze performance any time without waiting for periodic emails and to leverage actionable insights to drive better business outcomes.
  • Insights Digest

    Sign up to the Insights Digest (in the Insights main screen). Any time after that, you can change the frequency of digests (Weekly, Monthly). You can always unsubscribe from the service.

  • Front Page (Main Screen)

    • View the insights for your account directly from the Aternity console.

    • View the most recent information available any time without waiting for the digest email.

    • To receive our Insights Digest to your email, register for the digests via the Front Page.

    • Help us improve and share your thoughts with us by filling out a feedback form.

    • This offering is in the early design phase, so expect some user interface changes and new insights (visit the page and stay tuned to our Insights).
      Front Page for all Insights
  • Insights
    Insight Description
    Hours Between BSOD (blue screen of death)

    The digest informs you how often the blue screen errors happen in your organization and if it's normal or not compared to other organizations.

    UXI Trend

    The digest informs you if the User Experience Index has been improving or declining in the past N days, and its trend (if it continues to raise or drop).

    Bad Batteries

    Now you know when it's time to replace the batteries in your organizational devices. Aternity will inform you in what devices you should consider replacing the batteries before these devices shut down suddenly. The digest helps reducing the harmful effects of using bad batteries.

    Overloaded Devices

    The Overloaded Devices Insight focuses on resource usage like CPU and Disk I/O (the number of waiting I/O requests to read or write to the hard disk or a logical disk at a given time).

    Aternity informs you how many devices are overloaded out of the total amount of devices in your organization, as well as how your organization performs compared to other organizations. Awareness can reduce the disruptive impacts.

    Application Wait Time/Hang Time/Crashes Insights

    The new Application Experience Insights (Application Wait Time / Application Hang Time / Application Crashes) provide objective measures of application stability and performance (crash rate, hang time %, and wait time %), compare your organization's application behavior to the rich set of devices and customer data that Aternity collects, and identify common denominators among applications experiencing issues (application version, OS version, device and other HW commonalities, and location). For example, you can see if problematic applications are all located in a single office or all running on a specific device model. This set of insights will also translate the application experience metrics into a measure of the potential productivity gains that can be realized if the issue is addressed. These new capabilities can help drive better analysis and decision making when handling problematic applications in your organization.

    Low Stability Index

    The new insight informs organizations when they have devices that suffer from low Windows Stability Index, notifies them about how many such devices exist, and compares those devices rate to the industry average.

  • Insights Email Filtering

    You can filter the insights you receive. You can personalize your email digests that we deliver to you and the results that appear on the Insights screen based on your business priorities.
    Click in the Filter's area to open the list of available options
    • Filter the Insights Front Page view to define what insights will be available to you via the Insights screen.

    • You can now determine which insights will be delivered in an email, in addition to controlling the intervals for digests (weekly or monthly).

    Clicking inside the Filter's area, opens the drop-down list with options. Select what kind of insight you would like to see on the screen and about what insight you would like to be notified in the email digest.

    It is also possible to filter the list by selecting the relevant link at the bottom of each insight.

Dashboards Library

Aternity provides an extensive and ever-growing library with over 45 dashboards that help companies in their business and serve different needs.
  • Use the dashboards in the library to make smarter data-driven decisions.

  • You can sort by Last Modified to see recent additions to the library.

  • You can suggest your own dashboards for the library.

  • You can subscribe to a library category and get instant access to new dashboards.

Explore new dashboards in the library

Digital Experience Index (DXI)

The new Aternity DXI dashboard automatically identifies digital experience hot spots across your enterprise then sets you on a path to action and improvement. With Aternity DXI, you can:
  • Immediately identify the problem areas affecting digital experience and drill into dashboards showing the likely cause.

  • Tailor your digital experience goals against industry benchmarks and see how you compare.

  • Instantly associate performance gaps to lost productivity to communicate with business stakeholders.

View Digital Experience Index

Benchmarking Dashboards

Analyze new KPIs to compare your organization to others. Visualize the performance and productivity against other companies and make smart decisions based on the benchmark analysis. For example, compare productivity of remote work in your organization against other organizations, compare one manufacturer against all the manufacturers, one Device Type against others, and more.
  • UXI has been added to the list of Health and Performance KPIs that can be displayed on the dashboard for further analysis.

  • In the DEM-Q tab, we introduced new gauges, like BSODs and Application UXI.
    Benchmark dashboard enhancements

    The BSOD gauge displays how many blue screen errors happened during N hours in your enterprise. It states how good or bad it is compared to other Aternity customers in the industry. It also allows to drill down to the Analyze Device Health dashboard (if you hover over the gauge widget with the mouse).

    The Application UXI gauge displays the User Experience Index for your enterprise and the industry average. It also states how good or bad your UXI compared to other Aternity customers. It also allows to drill down to the Analyze Applications dashboard (if you hover over the gauge widget with the mouse).

  • In the Analyze tab, you can now decide what device attributes you want to analyze in the right pane sections. You can see in parallel three out of eight available options (Device Type, Device connection location, User connection location, Manufacturer, Industry, OS Name, Company size, Region). When you choose an attribute from the breakdown list, the section displays the list of all values of that attribute and the KPI for each value.
    Select the attributes for which you want to view the KPIs
  • Use a scatter plot in the Analyze tab to analyze KPIs for different sets of data. Group data by an attribute. The list includes now eight device and user attributes and will be enhanced with more in future releases.
    View Hours Between Crashes KPI for different Device types

Drill Down Analysis

Advanced dashboards, including both library dashboards and custom dashboards have now a large set of relevant drill down options automatically added to them.

Drilling down from a custom dashboard to out-of-the-box dashboards weaves the custom dashboards into the Aternity workflow, allowing them to become an entry point to a much deeper data analysis in other dashboards.

A set of drill down links to relevant dashboards will be added to each one of the following objects that will appear in the tooltip: activity, application, user, or device.
Drill-down from custom dashboards to OOTB dashboards for deeper analysis

REST API Enhancements

We've redesigned the internal mechanism of the REST API to provide support for queries that contain much larger data sets.
  • Most of our REST APIs now support returning an unlimited number of rows per request.

  • You can use REST API with many BI and other tools, that do not work well with streaming mechanism, such as Tableau.

  • It is still advised to limit the number of rows by using filters or selecting only the relevant columns since smaller result sets will be returned much faster.

  • force_Query_Result function is deprecated.

Remediation Enhancements

Benefit from mass healing capabilities and proactively reduce number of cases by running remediation on multiple devices. Instead of running the same script many times on each device, you can now remedy several devices with a similar problem using a single script.

The script timeout duration is now configurable, which means you can change how long it will take before the script stops running. Use this option for scripts that require more than 10 minutes to complete
Remedy several devices with a similar problem using a single script
Remediation allows IT Service Desk personnel to identify issues that can cause problems and remotely fix them before they will be escalated.
  • Aternity introduces a new out-of-the-box remediation action (Logoff User) to assist organizations that supply essential services and operate for 24 hours each day. In such organizations people work in shifts and often share the same workstation. A person might leave the office without signing out from the device. The service desk engineer can now silently release a shared workstation. Silently means without asking the end user for confirmation.

    The action is disabled by default. Customers who are interested in using this remediation action, can enable it from the row's context menu on the right > Enable.
  • Starting this release, all actions (custom and out-of-the-box) can be disabled if necessary. Enable or disable any out-of-the-box remediation action to choose whether to use the suggested by Aternity remediation flow or your own.

NOC - autoupdate

The new NOC - autoupdate dashboard automatically refreshes every couple of minutes and presents live status of the performance of applications and devices in your organization. Now it is easy to monitor applications on the wall screens.

This new NOC view automatically updates to give you a real-time view of the performance for your most important applications and business locations. At a glance, you can see the Apdex-inspired score and activity volume for your worst performing and most used applications and locations. The NOC shows the current performance as well as the performance for the last hour and the full day, so you know whether a problem is new or existing.

New NOC Dashboard

Learn more.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Integration Enhancements include the following:
  • Aternity integration with the Microsoft Teams allows monitoring both calls and scheduled meetings.

  • Analyze user's experience using the audio and video quality scores.
    Analyze network quality using scores

Build Your Own Workspace

Aternity offers enhanced troubleshooting capabilities including new views and a robust customization. You can now create your own custom and private view.
  • Administrators can easily customize and create new views specific to their tenant.

    Go to Troubleshoot > User or Device > Build Your Own
    Administrators of a tenant can create and edit troubleshoot single device dashboards under Build Your Own tab
  • Users can create their private workspace and explore custom metrics.
    Users can create and edit their own private workspace for troubleshooting single device
  • Benefit greatly from visualization of the violating time for the top 15 processes in the Top Processes dashboard. Access it by selecting Troubleshoot > User or Device > Build Your Own > Top Processes.
    Use the out-of-the-box dashboard for top processes
  • Get high resolution data when troubleshooting a single device.
    Some data sources have 2-min granularity

Other Enhancements


  • Monitoring predefined Excel activities for Office 365.

  • Agent for Mac 3.5 supports MacOS Big Sur 11, Catalina 10.15, and Mojave 10.14.

  • Users can now view Aternity in Firefox version 85.0 and above.

  • Account Administrators can now restrict access to Aternity via REST API by defining the list of allowed subnets.

    Access restrictions allow controlling network access to web accounts. To control access only for users who access Aternity via REST API, select the REST API Restriction checkbox. If checked, this setting overwrites the first list, if unchecked the access is controlled by the first list.
  • New device attributes added to the Device Inventory and Device Details dashboards and REST APIs.

  • Support for Zoom quality of service.