What's New with Aternity on-premise 12.2

Version 12.2 of Aternity on-premise is a minor release that provides security enhancements, new versions for Tableau and Vertica, and the ability to configure advanced collection.

Deploy a clean setup of Aternity on-premise 12.2 or update an existing Aternity to 12.2.

For the list of resolved issues of Aternity on-premise 12.2, see Release Note for Aternity on-premise 12.2.


All user and admin capabilities are the same as in on-premise 12.0 (learn more).

New Specifications

  • Support for Tableau Server 2021.3.7 with Tomcat 9.0.45

  • Support for Vertica 10.1.1-10

  • New Agent 12.2.x is compatible with on-premise 12.2.

  • New Agent for Mac 3.4 and/or 3.5 is compatible with on-premise 12.2.

  • We have taken a series of steps to fully patch all known log4j security vulnerabilities in the Aternity on-premise platform.

  • Windows Server 2012 is no longer supported.

  • Log4j-2 has been updated.

  • Log4j-1 has been removed.

Advanced Collection Capabilities for Monitoring Custom Metrics

The new Advanced Collection administration screen provides key functionality to add new Device Health events, Custom Data and Device Attributes collections. Learn more.
  • View default out-of-the-box health events, attributes, and measurements for monitoring.

  • Add any custom health event, device attribute, or measurement you are interested to monitor in Aternity dashboards.